It is with pleasure and confidence that we can recommend Michelle Puntillo...

It is with pleasure and confidence that we can recommend Michelle Puntillo as your listing agent. Here's why:
Design and staging acumen. We were immediately attracted by Michelle's interior design experience. Knowing
that our house had tremendous untapped potential, we involved her early into our listing preparations – we
asked her to be very forthcoming and honest with her advice on everything from paint colors to room staging,
accessories to prioritization of repairs and improvements. At every turn she had keen instincts, and as we saw
the final product coming together, it was clear that we were right to trust her design skills and experience. The
day the sign went up in the yard, our house was absolutely at its most beautiful ever – without Michelle's
guidance, this just wouldn't have happened.

Diligence in gathering feedback before listing. We loved that Michelle didn't go it alone when assessing the
subjective and potentially high-impact complexities of our property and the surrounding market, all of those
key little things that add up to make-or-break decisions on pricing, timing, comps, and marketing strategy. She
took the time to repeatedly involve others in her agency, drawing upon their experience and expertise to bring
decades of diverse perspectives to key decision points. We liked that she had the confidence to involve others
in important decisions; in the end, this forged an absolutely superior package and process that benefited
greatly from a well-informed, team approach.

Top notch creation of listing, photos, and video. Michelle used her very talented team to prepare a photo
palette and dramatic video that made us and others say “Wow!” out loud when we saw them, and our speedy
and successful sale suggests that potential buyers did too.
Persistence. Our sale presented challenging renovation, logistics, and timing adventures, and Michelle was a
steady and persistent presence throughout it all. When the to-do list seemed too long and too daunting, or we
were tired and frustrated, she was quick to calm, help, call in support, and prioritize. She could sense when we
needed additional aid or just time alone to dig in, and she handled it all with much appreciated professionalism
and personal compassion.
Clear process and personal guidance. Michelle provided very valuable, detailed information about the listing
and sale process, and what to expect at every step. When we started out, we faced daunting tasks and a
daunting process. Michelle was able to provide a crystal clear road map that helped us along practically day-byday.
This replaced our uncertainty with reassurance, and we were able to navigate Michelle's map from our first
meeting through to a very successful outcome...she and her navigation where there every step of the way. We
were (and are) very grateful for that.
Agency excellence. Michelle brings the considerable horsepower and capabilities of Barrett Sotheby's to the
table, which produced amazing printed, photo, and video marketing materials. Coupled with the national and
international reach of the agency, our house was optimally presented to a very broad market, well supported by
a beautifully professional and powerful marketing machine.
Committed personal attention. Michelle provided extensive personal attention throughout the listing and sale
process – we never felt like we were just another cookie-cutter client, and she clearly dedicated herself to
giving us the time and energy we needed. We never felt lost in the shuffle, and her reassuring personal
attention was very, very helpful to us.
A very successful outcome for all involved. In the end, our sale was swift and efficient, and Michelle handled
the offer, negotiation, and closing logistics with great skill. This required her focused attention and acumen, and
she definitely delivered. We can't thank her enough for all that she did to both help us to move on to a new
future, as well as ensure that the buyers crossed the threshold happy and satisfied, which was important to us.
She proved expert in conveying everything that we had loved about raising our family in the house and
community; Michelle's personal attention to both us and the buyers ensured that every beautiful and exciting
charm was conveyed, and everyone walked away satisfied. Thank you, Michelle!
The Wilson's
Bedford, MA

I felt very confident with Michell Puntillo

I felt very confident with Michell Puntillo because she is very thorough and considers many things when
setting the price. I also listened to her advice and follwed all her tips that she told me to do for pictures &
video filming. She was amazing.
Michelle has a great eye for making a house look & feel spacious just by moving a couple pieces of furniture
and giving tips like painting a room. She mentioned early on things I could do for the curb appeal of our
house which I followed.
I very much enjoyed working with Michelle. She prepared me for the time line that everything needed to
happen, and even after the house sold kept me on track with fire certificates and other paperwork that
needed to be done.
Barrett Sotheby's has a great reputation, and has great sign recognition too. I was very satisfied and happy
with my whole experience.
Michelle was always very considerate of my family & our family dog. She prepared us by thinking ahead
through the whole sale process to prepare us through all the steps.
Carolyn Martin, Bedford MA

Michelle Puntillo kept our home purchase process running smoothly...

Michelle Puntillo kept our home purchase process running smoothly amidst a very difficult time. She really
put in the extra effort to do everything from schedule showings of houses that were not yet on the market to
sending out notes of introduction to our new neighbors. She was always reachable and very responsive. I
would definitely recommend her and use her again!
Deb K., Bedford

Michelle Puntillo provided exceptional service...

Michelle Puntillo provided exceptional service from staging to closing. She understands the market and all
that goes into preparing your home to be competitively listed.
Krista Clouse, Charlottesville, Virginia

She listens intently...

Michelle took ample time getting to know us and our style and embedded that in her approach throughout the home-buying process. She listens intently, and used each moment spent together to understand our preferences and incorporate those along each step of the way. Michelle was committed to showing us homes that were within in our budget while accommodating our most important "needs." She consistently advocated for us, suggesting important considerations about a neighborhood or questions to ask to get to know the communities better. Michelle was highly responsive in all of her communication and treated us with the highest level of respect and professionalism throughout the process. She always maximized our time together together and never turned down an opportunity to discuss pros and cons over a cup of coffee in-between a day of appointments and open houses. Michelle come highly recommended!

Naomi and Joe April 2020